Terms of Use

Terms of Use is to define the relationship between the user and the operator. Here, in terms of use, the operator is the website owner, and the user is the person who comes to the website to play games for free. These terms and conditions are legal tiers that bind both operator and user together so that any improper use can’t be taken from either side. By using the website and playing games on the operator’s website, the user legally agrees to the terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions can be changed without notifying the user, and the operator holds no liability for the same. The user should check the terms and conditions page promptly to check if anything has changed or not.

Primary requirements

A user or a person, legally known as a user, should be 18 years old to play at this website or the website of this operator. If a person or should be below the age limit of 18 years, then the operator holds the right to suspend or terminate the agreement, including the user’s account.

Operator description

The website is based on social games for people who like casino games but do not want to risk it by investing money. These social games are entirely free; there are no respective charges that a person goes through, and a person doesn’t hold any chances of winning anything. They virtually win and enjoy the games. There are no monetary things involved in this website.


Any respective charges that the user incurs to play games at the operator’s website will be borne by the user himself/herself/themselves. The operator doesn’t have any accountability for the expenses that the user incurs. Some of those expenses are the internet charges and others.


The operator requests the user not to share the password with any person other than himself/herself/themselves. If the person or user shares the password with any third-party website or person, it falls under the user’s sole discretion. The operator doesn’t hold any liability for the same. It is the responsibility of the user. However, the user can inform the operator about the loss of the password, and on proper investigation, the operator might provide a new password. However, the operator doesn’t hold any liability for the same.

Advertising by the third party

The operator doesn’t allow any third-party advertisement. However, if it is enabled in the future, you will know as the changes to its terms and conditions will be made. There might be some links to the third-party websites but, the operator doesn’t hold any responsibility for the same. Those links don’t have to do anything with the entity that the website operator has!


The operator doesn’t violate any copyright laws, and if you feel the operator has violated any copyright laws, you can write to us by contacting us on our contact page.